Miyun Yunxiu Valley Scenic Area

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Miyun Yunxiu Valley Scenic Area is strategically located right on the foot of Wuling Mountain about 132 kilometers from Beijing city. About one kilometer from Qiaoyu Reservoir, Yunxiu Valley is blessed with peaceful surrounding and large mountainous area. It is absolutely a great place for hunting, vacation as well as photography.

The highest point of Yunxiu Valley reaches 1700 above sea level and occupying just 5% of the whole conservancy reserve. As the average temperature around this scenic area is about 12 degree Celsius, it is a great place to escape from hot summer. Yunxiu Valley Scenic Area can be divided into several functioning division, such as Muyun International Hunting Range, Modernized Target Shooting Site, natural attractions and cultural heritage etc.

There is a huge closed hunting range within this scenic area. Besides having the opportunity to enroll in the daily life of a hunter, you may also shout out through the sliding path from 400 meters height. Uncountable unique creation can be found here like the breathtaking mountain views, strange stones, deep ponds and waterfalls are just some of the most famous natural spots. Other than that, some cultural heritage like beacon of the great wall, Cultural Castle, as well as the Hut of Liu Bowen have all touched the deep heart of visitors. The Cultural Castle which serves as the residences for about 100 families of the descendents of Ming soldiers is highly recommended for a visit. You may discover the ancient architecture here while knowing more about their daily life.

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