Mount Langya Scenic Area

Address: Yi County Baoding Town Hebei Province
Tel: +86-312-8861806

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Mount Langya which situated at Yi County of Hebei Province is one of the national forest conservation areas throughout China. Besides that, this is also the venue where the well known tragedy of Five Heroes of Mount Langya occurred. While having breathtaking scenery as well as enriched with deep cultural atmosphere, Mount Langya is welcoming each and every guest in its very unique way.

Mount Langya Scenic Area is strategically located within Baoding Town which is about 50 kilometers away from Yi County. As the mountains within the scenic area look exactly like the teeth of wolf, thus it is named as Mount Langya which literally means Wolf’s Teeth Mountain. Besides being one of the top ten most attractive scenic spot of Yi County, it is also the province-based conservation forest.

Mount Langya is made up of 36 peaks that divided naturally in five groups. Lianhuaban (Lotus Petal Peak) as the main peak of Mount Langya is perched 1105 meters above sea level with steep cliffs on both northern and western side of the mountain. Due to this unique natural topography, tourists can reach the peak through the lanes on either eastern or southern part only. However, there are some narrow points along the lanes that you might need to pass through with your body stick onto the mountain too. When you reach the peak, you will find as if standing on top of the world and surrounded by uncountable sharp wolf’s teeth.

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