Nietang Buddha

Nietang Buddha

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Named after Mt. Nietang 40 km (24.85 miles) southwest of Lhasa city, Nietang Buddha is the biggest stone statue engraved on a cliff in Tibet. Located at the north foot of Nietang Mountain, it is the first attraction to welcome visitors to Lhasa. Almost every passenger wants to get off the bus to get closer to it and take a photo.
The Buddha statue is one of Sakyamuni sitting under a bodhi tree to capture evils. The statue is 8 meters (about 26 feet) in width and 9.8 meters (around 32 feet) in height including the base, 1.3 meters (4.27 feet). With its striking color it can be seen clearly several miles away. While taking a closer look at it, you may feel mysterious, or even that you were in the world of Buddha. Authoritarians highly evaluate the statue, stating that it shows a perfect combination of the stone’s quality and the engraving skill by combining moderate proportions and using bold and unconstrained lines, so that the statue looks vivid and lifelike.

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