Olympic Sports Center Stadium

Address: No. 1 Anding Road Chaoyang Dis.
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Olympic Sports Center Stadium is located along North Forth Ring Road of Beijing is just opposite to Olympic Garden, Olympic Green Forest as well as the Olympic Village. It was built in 1986 and officially put into service as the site for 11th Beijing Asian Games in 1990. During the last decade, it was once the most outstanding stadium of its type in China with exceptional facilities and is standing proud among sports stadiums throughout the nation. However when time flies; the glorious days of this stadium which once splendid was now seemed to have passed it by. Anyway, as a land that full of miracles, the stadium had been put into several transformations. Finally, this aged stadium is now welcoming visitors from all over the world with its new look.

As part of its transformation, the surface area of the Olympic Sports Center Stadium is now 37,000 square meters with spectator seating capacity of 36,000. Besides that, the stadium is now equipped with all-new capabilities, such as broadcast speakers and color screen LEDs. Likewise the quantity of working functional rooms has also been dramatically increased. More than 50 box seats have been are added with open ventilation and natural lighting. Now, the grand dame of Beijing is ready for her new debut.

Around the stadium, there are four pavilion-styled rotating ramps. This brand-new design added some modern touches to this more than 10-year-old-stadium. These four rotating ramps are not only beautiful in appearance; they also have important Games-time functions. According to the designer, Mr. Yang Hai, these ramps have a slight scope, which can easily move spectators in and out. Besides that, imported sun shading materials for the roof which will not only shade people from the hot August sun but will keep out the rain and insulate everyone from the heat as well as reduce shadows on the field during competition had been used throughout the stadium. Moreover, the constructors also adopted a new material of waterproof, slid proof, UV and small crack resistance throughout the stadium so now functional rooms under the stadium will not be penetrated by rain.

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