Panlongshan Great Wall

Panlongshan Great Wall
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Panlongshan Great Wall is located at Gubeikou Town of Miyun District, Beijing. In fact, it is located strategically in the middle of Simatai Great Wall and Wohushan Great Wall (Sleeping Tiger Great Wall. Panlongshan Great Wall is only around 8 kilometers from Simatai Great Wall and almost 100 kilometers from Beijing city. This section of great wall is famous as the only section great wall throughout the nation which remains its original look without any refurbishment and reconstruction projects were taken place.

Due to the original topography of Panlongshan which is provide a very good position for military purpose, this section of great wall used to be the most wanted area in order to win a battle around here. There are 84 towers throughout the 15 kilometers length of Panlongshan Great Wall with the General Tower and 24-hole tower as the essence of design here. The General Tower that served as command center is located at the highest point of Panlongshan.

Panlongshan Great Wall is the great wall with the most stories throughout the history. In the March of 1933, a large battle had been taken place at Panlongshan Great Wall. In order to how respects to the soldiers who sacrificed in the battle, a memorial was built beyond the old Gubeikou Town and thus adding an extra visiting spot for visitors.

Perhaps, the typical type of Great Walls like Badaling and Mutianyu has no way to attract your attention, then why not you try to experience the different environment of great wall at Panlongshan Great Wall? It might be another unforgettable memory for the rest of your life.

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