Pingyao Chenghuang Temple

Address: No 51 Chenghuang Temple Street
Pingyao County Jinzhong City Shanxi Province

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Pingyao Chenghuang Temple is the best preserved temple out of its kind throughout China. Its unique architecture as well as the glass made art works that spread on the roof are always the highlights of the temple ever since before.
In fact, Pingyao Chenghuang Temple was primarily built within the reign of Northern Song Dynasty. However, the original structure of the temple was destroyed in a fire in year 1859 under the reign of Emperor Xianfeng, Qing Dynasty. Later in year 1864, the temple was rebuilt with the aid of donations from the locals and rich businessmen. The entire Pingyao Chenghuang Temple that you can see today is actually built according to the architectural style of Qing Dynasty. The whole area of the temple has covered over 73000 square meters and made up from several temples such as Chenghuang Temple (Temple of the City God), Caishen Temple (Temple of Fortune God) and Zaojun Temple (Temple of Kitchen God).
The temple is highlighted with its precious wood carvings, stone sculptures, painted sculptures and mural paintings. There are two murals in the temple which can be graded as the utmost treasures that are rarely seen in China. Moreover, the colored glaze decorations throughout the temple especially on the roofs of the temple have ensured the outstanding status of the temple in comparison with others.
The overall layout of the temple can be described as a typical setting of temples within a temple. You can find that the Zaojun Temple and Caishen Temple is located on the east and west side of Chenghuang Temple. Anyway, these three temples are interconnected with each other and form a unique scene that all these Goddess are placed within a huge temple and worship together by the believers.

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