Qiao Family Courtyard

Qiao Family Courtyard

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Qiao Family Courtyard is located 30 kilometers northwest of the historic Pingyao city. It is a courtyard estate covering 9000 square meters and having 313 rooms with 4000 square meters within 6 large courtyards and 19 smaller courtyards.
Local government has converted it into a museum and a famous site for tourists. In 1990, this ancient mansion gained its fame home and abroad due to the movie Raise the Red Lantern by the director Zhang Yimou.
Qiao Family Courtyard houses many pieces of furniture made in the Ming and Qing dynasties as well as some rare treasures such as the “nine-dragon lantern” and the “ten-thousand-person ball.”
Yards contain smaller yards as well as gardens. You can see brick carvings everywhere in the yards. The exquisite carving designs show the special style of residential building in the Qing Dynasty.
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