Qinglong Ravine Beijing

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Qinglong Ravine Beijing is a famous spot which located at the entrance of ancient great wall. Located about 75 kilometers from Beijing city, it is a scenic area which combines picturesque mountain, crystal clear water and ancient great wall in one. During the 70s of last century, a huge concrete dam with height 59 meters, length 283 meters and width 4 meters was built at the exit of Dashuiyu Reservoir and thus forming a huge canyon-type reservoir. Boats are available for visitors to take a better view of the surrounding environment.

As the reservoir is located right in the middle, it has geographically divided the whole area of the scenic area into north, south, east and west district. For the southern part of the reservoir, the depth of water is controlled within 1 meter for rafting and kayaking activities. The depth of the water at northern part of reservoir is between 40 to 50 meters. Thus, this is where dragon boats, tourist boats and speed boats operated and especially during summer, bathing beach is available here as well. If you are tired of walking, then you may slide down from the western part of the reservoir. The sliding way is 800 meters in total and the difference of height from the highest peak (Yuhuang Tower) to the final destination is about 369 meters. Interesting activities including Bungee Jumping, rock climbing and water swing is welcoming its guests at the eastern part of the reservoir.

Ever since year 1998, Qinglong Ravine Beijing is organizing Plantation Festival, Summer Escape Festival, Fruit Picking Festival, Winter Festival and etc have all attracting more and more tourists both locals and foreigners to visit here. If you wish to get closer to the nature while enjoying some special activities, then Qinglong Ravine Beijing will be the most suitable destination for you. Come and register with us, we will guarantee you a pleasant trip and unforgettable vacation.

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