Randengfo Sheli Pagoda

Address: Dacheng Street Tongzhou Dis.
Tel: +86-10-69541569

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RandengFo Sheli Pagoda is one of the scenic spot of Tongzhou District that possesses a very high value of artistic. The pagoda is in octagonal shape with thirteen floors. The total height is about 49 meters and the basement platform of the pagoda is in the shape of lotus. It used to be a stone sculpture of Randeng Buddha that enshrined within the pagoda.

Randengfo Sheli Pagoda which located about 20 kilometers from Beijing city was built about 1300 years ago. Anyway, the original structure had been destroyed in 1679 within the reign of Emperor Kangxi Qing Dynasty during an earth quake. After that, Emperor Kangxi had reconstructed the temple in 1691 but the temple was once again destructed by Alliance Forces in 1900. In year 1976, the aftershock of earth quake at Tangshan had caused the basement platform to be partially destroyed and many corners of the tower were cracked. Later, the government of Beijing had poured money to refurbish the whole pagoda and return it with its original look in year 1985. The pagoda is currently one of the conservation units of Beijing city.

The original height of the pagoda is about 56 meters with diameter 11.6 meters; the whole pagoda was built by wooden materials and bricks. Every corner of the pagoda is decorated with a Buddha sculpture; as a result, there are all together 104 Buddha sculptures with different expressions within this pagoda.

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