Rending Lake Park

Address: Deshengli West Street Xicheng Dis.
Tel: +86-10-62052274
Website: None
Entrance Fee: Unknown

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Rending Lake Park is located at Xicheng District of Beijing, the southern side of Huangsi Dajie (Yellow Temple Avenue). The idea of setting up the park came out in the year of 1958; later in 1994, huge renovation projects had been taken place and provide a new and fresh look to this city park.

The overall area of Rending Lake Park has covered 9.2 hectares with about 1 hectare of water surface. The theme of the park is set to be a modernized garden in the city. Thus, the southern part of the park is designed with large piece of lawn, water scene, floral shelves as well as scenery wall in order to create the sense of European courtyard. On the other hand, the northern part of the park remains in a more natural way with lawn, water and decorative plaza to outcome with a modern garden atmosphere.

Rending Lake Park has provided a brand new style of garden landscape design in Beijing. Besides that, the European style sculptures can be found everywhere. You may say the southern part of the park as a typical European style garden as the lush greenery as well as the water fountains give the feeling of being in an European country and definitely not in an Asian country. When entering the park through the South Gate, you will first be impressed by the solemn and extravagant rows of columns. After that, you will be shocked by one and another uniquely designed water fountains.

The World Garden Collection within Rending Lake Park is another highlight of the destination. There is a carved white marble which standing proudly in the middle of the section to tell the world about the history of world’s garden. Besides that, the Garden of Eden which includes Ancient Rome, Egypt, Babylon Garden, Versailles Garden and Italy Terrace will bring you to another fantastic world. At the northern part of Rending Lake Park, you will find a collection of modern sculpture which towering on the surface of peaceful lake. What an amazing design. You may simply choose your most favorite style of park design in order to spend your leisure time. It’s your desire!

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