Ronghu Lake

Ronghu Lake

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Ronghu Lake or literally means Banyan Lake is situated at the city center of Guilin City Guangxi Province, at the western side of Yangqiao, the connecting point of Xiufeng Scenic Area and Xiangshan Scenic Area (Elephant Hill Scenic Area). It is linked with Taohua River to the west and Shanhu Lake (Fir Lake) on the east. As for the ancient banyan tree that grows on the rock besides the lake, it gains its name as Banyan Lake.
The east-west axis of Ronghu Lake is about 860 meters and covers an area of about 9.46 hectares. There are some sections of Ronghu Lake that interconnected with Shanhu Lake, thus, these two lakes are often combined together and named as Rongshanhu Lake. In order to attract more visitors, musical fountain is built at the middle of Ronghu Lake. So, the best time of visiting this lake would be in the night when the musical fountain show is on.

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