Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Location: Shanhaiguan, Qinhuangdao city, Hebei province
Tel: 86-335-5051106
Entrance Fee: 40RMB
Operating Hours: 8:00am- 5:00pm

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Shanhaiguan (literally meaning “Mountain and Sea Pass”) is located near Qinghuangdao city, Hebei province, famous for its important strategic location and well-preserved Great Wall. It is roughly 300km from Beijing and is the point where the Great Wall meets the Pacific Ocean.
As one of the major passes of the Great Wall of Ming dynasty, holding similar importance to Juyongguan Pass of Beijing and Jiayuguan Pass of Gansu, the 600-year-old Shanhaiguan Pass had served as a frontier of defense against outside threat.
Situated at the south of Yanshan Mountains and north of the Bohai Sea, Shanhaiguan Great Wall is the easternmost point of the Great Wall. During the Qing dynasty (1644-1910), Shanhaiguan was used during the Boxer Uprising (1900), Shanhaiguan was used as the landing site for the Eight-Nation Alliance, the name of the grouping of foreign nations who invaded China to crush the Boxers.
The pass of Shanhaiguan is a square with a perimeter of 4km on each side. The most important site of Shanhaiguan is Zhenyuan Pavilion, the east gate of the pass. This 13-meter gate has two stories. A board that hangs above the gate of second floor is written with 5 Chinese words: 天下第一关( First Pass Under the Heaven), which is another name for Shanhaiguan Great Wall.
Within the Shanhaiguan area there are several Great Wall sections: Laolongtou Great Wall, Nanyi Great Wall, Guancheng Great Wall, Jiaoshan Great Wall, Sandaoguan Great Wall and Jiumenkou Great Wall.
Travel map and main sights:
Zhenyuan Pavilion 天下第一关First Pass Under the Heaven
Great Wall museum
Tours Including Jiaoshan Great Wall:
One Day Great Wall Tour to Shanhaiguan Pass-Old Dragon’s Head-Jiaoshan Great Wall
Three Days Great Wall Package Tour to Shanhaiguan Pass, Laolongtou, Jiaoshan, Jiumenkou, Xiaoheikou
Five Day Great Wall Tour to Shanhaiguan, Laolongtou, Jiaoshan, Jiumenkou, Xiaoheikou, Huangyaguan, Simatai, Jinshanling, Mutianyu

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