Shanxi Oriental International Hunting Park

Shanxi Oriental International Hunting Park
Address: Huozhou, Shanxi Province
Entrance Fee: 40 RMB

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Shanxi Oriental International Hunting Park is located within the Taiyue Shan National Forest of Shanxi Province. The whole hunting park is divided into seven areas with over 200 square kilometers as a whole. This is the only forest hunting destination throughout the northern part of China.

All the natural resources within this area has been well conserved by the local government and thus, it still serves as the natural habitat for over 300 types of wildlife like leopards, deer, goats, wild boar, fox, forest musk deer, hare and etc. Of course, there are still many undiscovered natural resources around here, yet, this is still the best destination for hunters.

The wealth of forest resources at Shanxi Oriental International Hunting Park has ensured many activities other than hunting to be carried out here with no doubt. You may choose to take a long stroll under the mother of nature, you may also enjoy fishing along the crystal clear flowing stream; hiking and camping is possible as well.

On top of that, Lingkong Mountain, one of the well known Buddhism sacred mountain as well as Faxing Temple which famous for is carving arts of Tang and Song Dynasty are both located within the hunting range too. Besides that, there are also many tourist attractions located around the hunting park such as Qiaojia Dayuan (Courtyard of Qiao Family), Wangjia Dayuan (Courtyard of Wang Family), Pingyao Gucheng (Ancient Town of Pingyao), Hukou Waterfall and Hongdong Ancient Pagoda Tree. All these interesting spots will further guarantee a wonderful trip of hunting in China.

It’s time for you to run away from the bustling city as well as the burden or works. If you are looking for some relaxing and stress relieving activities, why not you try our hunting tour? This is a good opportunity for you to get closer to the forest and enjoying the wilderness. Call us now and we will ensure a healthy, vogue, professional, primitive and exciting hunting experience for you.

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