Shentangyu Scenic Area

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Located 65 kilometers from Beijing city center, Shentangyu Scenic Area is the first scenic area at Huairou District which open to public as a tourist attraction. This is a unique destination which combines rivers, mountains, strange stones, ancient great wall as well as cultural heritage in one. Moreover, this is an unpolluted paradise with calm and serenity which serves as the best destination for retreat as well as weekend runaway.

The overall landscape of Shentangyu Scenic Area has reached 160000 square kilometers with less than 25% of land usage. Fresh air, crystal clear water, lush greenery and big temperature difference between day and night are just some of the most common review from the tourists who had visited here before. Moreover, the well known Changshou Cun (Longevity Village) is located right in the middle of this scenic area as well.

For the convenience of visitors, bathing beach, angling pongs, bonfire site as well as outdoor BBQ facilities are available for visitors. Besides that, restaurant, guestrooms as well as romantic huts can be found as well. This is a great place to escape from hot summer. While enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding, visitors is also welcome to take part in fruit picking activity as well as bathing in the mother of nature.

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