Shidu Mountain Resort

Address: Fangshan Dis.
Tel: 86-10-61346396
Entrance Fee: 20RMB

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Shidu Scenic Area is in the area adjacent to Shidu Town, Fangshan District. It is about 80 kilometers from downtown Beijing. Covering 301 square kilometers, this scenic area is the largest natural tourist spot (in length and width) in the Beijing municipality.

It is often known as the “Guilin of the North” due to its impressive limestone karst formations.

10 scenic spots include the Orphaned Mountain Village, Immortal Peak Valley, Ten-Thousand Scenery Immortal Ditch, Big Canyon of South, Pu Du Mountain Village, Martyrs’ Cemetery of PingXi Resistance Against Japan, Immortal Dwelled Cave, Mountain of Pond in the Sky, West Lake Ferry, and Five-Star Gorge. Besides the natural landscapes, there is opportunity for adventure with horse-riding paradise and rafting, along with providing extreme sports such as cliff parachuting, zip-lines, crag climbing, the hang-gliding and jet-skiing. The sand beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming.

Shidu means Ten Ferries, or Ten Crossings in Chinese. The area gained this name as before roads and bridges were introduced to the valley, it was necessary to cross the river ten times to get between Shidu and Zhangfang due to the river currents and landscape.

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