Liulichang Culture Street
Liulichang is a colorful street in Beijing that also has a colorful name, literally! It is located near Hepingmen, in the Chongwen District of Beijing.

Yuanlong Embroidery Silk Corporation
With a history of about 100 years and enjoying a high reputation, the Yuanlong (meaning lucky and prosperous in Chinese) Embroidery Silk Store is one of the appointed enterprises of the Beijing Tourism Administration.

Yaxiu Market
Yaxiu Market has a lot of similar items like Silk Market,but the price is lower than the Silk Market. It is a modern shopping place invested and constructed by Beijing Kuntai Real Estate Development Group.

Beijing Carpet
China is famous for carpet making which dates back to about 3,000 years ago. The people of Beijing learned this craft from the Tibetans in the Qing Dynasty.

Wantong Shopping Paradise
Locates in the western of Beijing, right next to the subway station and the second ring road, it houses more than 22,000 square meters (220,000 square feet), daily customers reaches to 80,000.

Wangfujing Commercial Street
Wangfujing Street is the most famous commercial area in Beijing.

Beijing Friendship Store
Located near the embassy area, the Beijing Friendship Store is the largest store in China catering to foreign residents and tourists. It was opened in 1973.

Dashila’er Shopping Street (Qianmen Avenue)
Dashilar is an ancient and famous shopping street with over 500 years history.

Beijing Tea House
China is the earliest country for the human being to discover, cultivate, produce, and tea drinking in China has at least a history of 4,700 years.

Xiushui Market/Silk Market
The Silk Market is a shopping center in Beijing that accommodates over 1,700 retail vendors, notorious among international tourists for their wide selection of counterfeit designer goods, but also increasingly well known for its Chinese handicrafts.

White Peacock Art World
The White Peacock Art World, the biggest arts and crafts centre in China, is situated in the northern suburbs of Beijing, not far from Ditan (Temple of Earth) Park in Beibinhe Road.

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