Shuanglin Temple

Address: Pingyao County Jinzhong
City Shanxi Province
Tel: +86-354-5779023

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Shuanglin Temple which located at Qiaotou Village about six kilometers from Pingyao City was listed as a cultural site of World Heritage by UNESCO in year 1997. As there are over 2000 color painted sculptures reflecting the advance carving skills of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty that housed within the temple, it is well known as the Ancient Painted Sculptures Museum as well.
Shuanglin Temple was primarily named as Zhongdu Temple at the first place as it was located at the Zhongdu Ancient City. As the temple was built too long ago, no significant evidence regarding the exact year of construction can be found. From the oldest stele that found within the temple, it was estimated that the temple has gone through development history of over 1400 years. There are ten large and small halls within the temple which includes the Tianwangdian (Heavenly Kings’ Hall), Luohandian (Arhats’ Hall), Daxiongbaodian (Mahavira Hall), Qianfodian (One Thousand Buddha Hall), Shijiadian (Sakyamuni Hall), Guanyu Hall and etc.

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