Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Address: Beijing Botanical Garden, Haidian Dis. Beijing
Tel: +86-10-62591283
Website: http://www.beijingbg.com/augarden.aspx?ID=21
Entrance Fee: 5 RMB

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The Reclining Buddha Temple (Wofosi Temple) is next to Fragrant Hills Park in Haidian District. First built during the Tang Dynasty, it has a long history of over 1300 years. The Reclining Buddha Temple is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Beijing.

Its name derives from the Giant Buddha Figure made of 250,000 of bronze located in the Hall of Reclining Buddha. The Buddha statue is that of the Sakyamuni, along with 12 statues of his disciples. The statue was completed in 1321.

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