Stone Flower Cave

Address: Fangshan Dis.
Tel: +86-10-60312170
Entrance Fee: 70 RMB

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Located in Fangshan District, about 55 kilometres (35 miles) southwest of Beijing, and discovered more than 550 years ago, the Stone Flower Cave is a new sightseeing spot in Beijing municipality. The cave is said to have been discovered by a wandering Buddhist monk during the Ming Dynasty.

The cave is on seven levels with an asphalt road straight to the entrance. It is one of the biggest caves in China, and contains a superb collection of beautiful sights. At present, only three levels with a total length of 1,900 metres are open to the public although the cave stretches much further. It is a cave formed from limestone karst formations, similar to those found near Guilin in southern China.

The first level is more than 300 metres long, and contains a corridor, a pool like a lotus flower, three big halls, and a cave with an inner cave, all these caves are 10 to 20 metres high and 4 to 30 metres wide. The corridor is 2 to 3 metres high and 2 to 5 metres wide. The second level is 30 metres below the first level. Its total length is nearly 1,000 metres, and there are lots of branches connected with the cave and stone or iron stairs for visitors. The weird rock formations found within the cave are lit with eerie lighting everywhere inside the cave. One natural wonder is a rare stone, which bears a resemblance to a silver fox, which “grows” silver hair-like crystals.

The Stone Flower Cave opened to the public in September 1987. Approximately 400,000 tourists visit the cave every year.

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