Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Show

Address: No 58 Changan North Road Beilin
District Xian City Shaanxi Province
Tel: +86-29-87822200
Website: www.xiantangdynasty.com
Ticket: Meals and Performance – 500 RMB/Person
Performance only – 220 RMB/Person

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Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Show is a wonderful performance regarding the dances and music of ancient Tang Dynasty. This is an activity that you must not miss when you visit Xi’an. Xi’an which was formerly known as Chang’an Town had been the imperial capital of as much as thirteen dynasties. Among all, Tang Dynasty (618 to 907) which well known for its prosperous and glorious of the dynasty had left their descendants with outstanding exponents of music and dances. Through enjoying the performance, you will be able to get an insight of the peaceful lifestyle in the Tang Dynasty while at the same time emerged yourself into the splendid culture of Tang Dynasty.
The dance as a form of art is in fact was taken place especially during special occasions in the ancient society. During early age, people did believe that rituals of prayers were necessary for a good harvest and better life. For this reason, music and dances would be performed during the events. Throughout the years, the dances had been developed from just a few simple postures into a delicate movement with fantastic attires and music accompany.
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