The Park of Ruins of Dadu City Wall Yuan Dynasty

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The Park of Ruin of Dadu City Wall Yuan Dynasty in Beijing is a park that is rebuilt on the ruins of Dadu’s City Wall of Yuan Dynasty. The soil made city wall at Madian is about 12.5 meters height and width 31meters. Moreover, somewhere around Desheng Gate, there is a place named Tucheng Guan, it is also a ruin of Yuan Dynasty. Yuan Dadu is the city that Kublai Khan sent almost eighteen years to build. The total length of city walls at Yuan Dadu was over 28000 meters.

The ruin of Yuan Dadu is a very strong evidence of the civilization as well as the social development of Beijing as a capital of a nation. This is a very important resource for the study of Beijing’s history. For this reason, the park was listed as one of the Ancient Architecture Conservation Units of Beijing in year of 1957. In order to protect the remain ruins of Yuan Dadu, Chaoyang District of Beijing put many efforts as well as spend a large amount of money to transform this area into a park. Finally in year 1988, the Beijing People’s Government had finally approved their application and named the park as The Park of Ruins of Yuan Dadu’s City Wall.

The Park of Ruins of Yuan Dadu’s City Wall can be divided into Chaoyang section and Haidian Section with the total length of nine kilometers. Besides that, it also serves as the largest Strip Park throughout Beijing that combines conservation of historical architecture, improvement of environment and leisure purpose in one park. Moreover, one of the ancient Top Eight Scene of Yanjing, the Ji Men Yan Shu Scenic Area has been reconstructed at Huangtingzi area. The whole area is designed strictly according to the records of the original scene. On the other hand, the Longzeyuyue scenic area is a conservation wetland which covers an area of over 17000 square meters. This scenic area is the largest wetland within a tourist spots in Beijing. You may experience the scene of country sides even if you are here. So, this is a great place to take a short stroll as no ticket is required.

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