The Sacred Way

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The Sacred Way, or Spirit Way, is part of the Ming Tombs complex. It is a long, straight path flanked by statues first of ancient government officials and then by mythical and existent animals. The Sacred Way ends at a stone archway. Built in 1540, it is a monumental construction, built of white marble with five arches. Six rectangular pillars support it with beautiful bas-relief carvings (lions, dragons, lotus flowers, etc.). It is 14 meters high and 28.86 meters wide. The Sacred Way is draws tourists primarily because of its guardian statues, with officials, fierce warriors, rare animals and mythical creatures.

To north of the archway, there are two hills on both sides of the Sacred Way, one is Dragon Hill and the other Tiger Hill named to make it seem as if a dragon and a tiger were guarding the gate to the Ming Tombs. This gate is known as the “Big Red Gate” and serves as the main entrance. At each side of the gate, there is a tablet with an inscription bearing: “Dignitaries, officials and other persons arriving here must dismount from their horses.”

North of the Big Red Gate, there is the Stele Pavilion. Four ornamental pillars stand around the Pavilion. On each ornamental pillar is carved 41 dragons with a mythical beast at the top. There are also stone statues and the Dragon-Phoenix Gate to the north of the pavilion.

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