Tomb of Edgar Snow

Address: Peking University West Gate Haidian District Beijing

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The Tomb of Edgar Snow is strategically located on the previous site of Huashen Temple within West Gate of Peking University. The tomb tablet is a rectangular white marble with the inscription of Ye Jianying sounded this way, “Tomb of Edgar Snow, A friend of Chinese people from America”.

Snow was an American journalist who born in 1905 at Kansas City of United States. He came to Shanghai in year 1928 as a journalist and later became a lecturer in News Faculty of Beiping Yanjing University in 1934. Two years later, he turned to be a first western reporter at Shaanbei Revolutionary Base and outcome with many precious writings regarding the revolution. In April 1942, Snow was sent abroad by the Saturday Evening Post as a war correspondent. Thus, he left China and traveled to many places to report on World War II from the perspective of those countries. Moreover, he had visited China three times after People’s Republic of China was founded and contributed a lot to the friendship development of Sino-American. He passed away in Geneva, Switzerland on February 15, 1972. After his death, his ashes were divided into two parts, one of which was buried near the Hudson River and the other scattered at Peking University, previously the campus of Beiping Yanjing University, where he had taught in the 1930s.

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