Eunuch Tomb
Tianyi Tomb(Eunuch Tomb), also known as Cixiangan, or Shixiangluan, is located at the foot of Cuiwei Mountain in Shijingshan District Beijing. The distance to Fahai Temple is about 500 meters.

The Sacred Way
The Spirit Way, or Sacred Way, starts with a huge stone memorial archway lying at the front of the area. Constructed in 1540, during the Ming Dynasty, this archway is one of the biggest stone archways in China today.

Ding Tomb
Ding tomb, the only tomb excavated among 13 ming tombs, the underground palace is the highlight

Chang Tomb
Changling or Chang tomb is the largest as well as the best preserved tomb among 13 ming tombs

Dabaotai Han Dynasty Tomb Museum
Dabaotai Han Dynasty Tomb Museum is a museum with very specific theme of display. It is also the first Han Dynasty Museum throughout China.

Tomb of Edgar Snow
The Tomb of Edgar Snow is strategically located on the previous site of Huashen Temple within West Gate of Peking University.

Eastern Tomb of Qing Dynasty
Qingdong Ling (Eastern Tomb of Qing Dynasty), a collection of imperial tombs for Emperor and Imperial Concubines of the Qing Dynasty, is the largest as well as one of the best preserved imperial tombs which still available throughout China.

Western Tomb of Qing Dynasty
Qingxi Ling (Western Tomb of Qing Dynasty) which located at southern slope of Yongning Shan (Everlasting Serenity Hill), Yi County of Hebei Province about 120 kilometers away from Beijing city, is one of the largest imperial tomb yards for Qing Dynasty.

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