Wantong Shopping Paradise

Address: Yixian County Baoding City Hebei Province
Tel: +86-312-4710012

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Locates in the western of Beijing, right next to the subway station and the second ring road, it houses more than 22,000 square meters (220,000 square feet), daily customers reaches to 80,000. It’s a five-story building, each floor features something different:
Floor B1: Bag, suitcase, leather & leisure shoes for both adults & children.
Floor 1: Cosmetics, watches & glasses, cigarettes & wine, medical goods, camera & film
Floor 2: Cashmere, bed wares, handicraft works, hats & gloves, trinkets & jewelry.
Floor 3: All kinds of clothes for man, women & children
Floor 4: Office goods, electronics, cell-phone components, toys, sports goods.
Floor 5: Dinning hall, beauty room, tea house, etc.

Note: Wangtong is just like Yaxiu or Silk market, it’s only popular among locals, but has very similar commodities as Yaxiu and silk market. In addition, here costs cheaper than other well-know places. Bargaining is required!

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