White Dragon Pond Scenic Area

Address: Xiantaishitun Town Miyun Dis.
Tel: +86-10-69038558, +86-10-69038398
Entrance Fee: 20 RMB

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Located about 30 kilometers to the north eastern corner of Miyun District, White Dragon Pond Scenic Area is hiding within the Longtan Shan at the foot of Yanshan Mountain. At a distance of about 100 kilometers from Beijing city, the environment of White Dragon Pond Scenic Area is absolutely different when compared with the bustling city of Beijing. White Dragon Pond is in fact situated within a dense forest which a place where combines both natural and cultural heritage. This scenic spot was listed as one of the Top 16 Beijing Attractions in year 1986 and later listed as one of the most recommended traveling route during Asian Games 1991 and China Tourism Year in 1992.

The White Dragon Pond Scenic Area is in fact situated within the canyon between southern and northern mountains. It used to name as Shipengu and Longtangou before. The water is fallen from the cliff over 20 meters above and forms the picturesque scenery of three ponds and three waterfalls. The water drops from the cliff through two drains entering the first pond, then only flow to the second pond. Generally, the White Dragon Pond is referred to the first pond in the shape of an ancient Chinese vessel. Both first and second ponds are about 30 feet depth. The water will flow through a sandy beach before reaching the third pond. If you stand still and look upwards to the cliff, you may find a pine tree grow outwards from the cliff and seems to be an umbrella which covers the top of the White Dragon Pond.

Besides the beauty of nature, you are able to witness the majestic building of ancient China as well. There are all together four halls and eighteen pavilions which were built within Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty or Qing Dynasty. Throughout the history, the White Dragon Pond Scenic Area has been the top destination for summer period especially for the royal families and Chinese artists. Some of the emperor had their own resting palace here as this is the only route that connecting Beijing to Chengde Bishu Shanzhuang (Chengde Mountain Resort).

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