Wofosi Yingtaogou

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Shifangpujue Temple which located at the southern slope of Shouan Hill of Beijing is commonly known as Wofosi (Sleeping Buddha Temple). This temple which was built within year 627 to 649 of Tang Dynasty is situated about 20 kilometers for the downtown. When its first built about 1300 years ago, it was named as Doushuai Temple with a sandalwood carved sleeping Buddha enshrined inside. Later, the temple was reconstructed during Yuan Dynasty and a bronze statue of Buddha was enshrined here. At the same time, the temple was renamed as Shouan Hill Temple. Finally in year 1734, within the period of Emperor Yongzheng of Qing Dynasty, the temple was named as Shifangpujue Temple in which the name is remained on use until today. As the temple is famous with the statue of Sleeping Buddha, it is generally named as Wofosi, which means Sleeping Buddha Temple by the locals.

According to the history records of Yuan Dynasty, 250000 kilograms of bronze and 7000 workers had been used in order to build the bronze statue of Buddha. The total length of the statue is 5 meters in the sleeping style. The Buddha is facing south western side with left hand placing on his leg while right hand is bending as a support for the head. Moreover, there are twelve Yuanjue Buddha sitting behind the Sleeping Buddha. The faces of the twelve Yuanjue Buddha are very sad and the whole image seems like the Buddha lying at the bottom of Borneo Tree and accounts his last word to 12 disciples.

If you visit Sleeping Buddha Temple, then there is another tourist attraction which located about 500 meters away from the temple that you should not miss. Yingtaogou is a narrow gorge which is hiding within towering mountain. Moreover, there is a crystal clear river that flows within this gorge as well. If you walk about one kilometer to the west, you may find the majestic and beauty of steep mountains right in front of you. This scene might turn to be a wonderful waterfall during rainy season anyway.

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