Xianqi Cave

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Xianqi Cave Beijing is located at Guanshang Village of Fangshan District Beijing, about 100 kilometers away from Third Ring Road of Beijing. Xianqi Cave is the only cave in Northern China which needs to go through a 500 meters water ride before reaching its entrance. The cave is divided into three storeys with various types of naturally formed stones that look like carving art works. Thus, it is well known as the fairyland in Beijing. Moreover, it is suitable for visit throughout the year as the average temperature within the cave is almost 18 degree Celsius. So, it is definitely a great place to escape from hot summer as well as cold winter. The major attractions that highly recommend for visitors are Rong Dong (Stalactite Cave), Dixia He (Underground River), Hongye Daxiagu (Red Leaf Grand Canyon) and Wuxing Xiagu (Five Star Canyon).

Hongye Daxiagu (Red Leaf Grand Canyon)
Hongye Daxiagu (Red Leaf Grand Canyon) with a very large area will be full of colorful flowers in the spring and summer. When then autumn falls, then whole area will seem to be wearing red clothes as all the leaves turn red. Moreover, if you visit during autumn season, you might be able to take part in the fruit picking activity as well.

Wuxing Xiagu (Five-pointed Star Canyon)
Wuxing Xiagu (Five-pointed Star Canyon) is a naturally formed topography in the shape of a five-pointed star and thus it is named this way. This is a unique topography which you are unable to find any similar one all over the world.

The out coming of Xianqi Cave Beijing with its breathtaking naturally formed stones has once shocking the world. Most of the visitors are satisfied with the trip and agreed the cave as the paradise of arts. Nowadays, Xianqi Cave has become a must visit destination especially for photographers as many unique images can be caught within this wonderful place. The uniqueness of the stone is hard to describe by words. Moreover, most of the stone are still growing from time to time. It might be taller or larger if you come here for the next time. You can only feel its beauty when you witness with your eyes and the tour here is absolutely worth it! It is meaningless to go round Beijing attractions on words. It’s time for you to step out for vacation. Come with beijingimpression.cn and we will ensure you a pleasant trip.

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