Xiaoheikou Village

Location: Suizhong county, Liaoning province
Tel: 86-10-51660915
Entrance Fee: Free of Charge
Operating Hours: 24 hours

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Xiaoheikou is a 30-householder village situated just under the ancient Great Wall site at the top of the surrounding hills. This great wall section was actually built by famous general Qijiguang on the foundations of Northern Qi fortifications with more than 2000 years history. Going into the village, tourists will be impressed by the timeless nature of this village, with it’s double sloped, black tiled roofs and whitewashed walls on the houses. According to history, most of the villagers here are actually the descendents of general Qijiguang’s soldiers who were from Yiwu in Zhejiang province. Those Yiwu soldiers built the Great Wall and relocated their families here following its construction. Their descendants have lived here to this day and, although in a different province, many of their customs are still in keeping with those of southern Chinese.

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