Xingming Lake Resort

Address: East of Banbi National Forest Park Weishanzhuang Town Daxing Dis.
Tel: +86-10-89485588

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Xingming Lake Resort is located right within the Banbi National Forest Park of Daxing District Beijing. The resort consists of an area of reaching 3000 Mu of forest park as well as 300 Mu plantation farm. Thus, it is a great place for vacation, meeting and holiday. The resort will guarantee you a refreshing and relaxing experience if you spend you time here.

Various types of spacious rooms are offered by the resort. Besides that, four different styles of restaurant as well as 15 well equipped facilities are available for the convenience of customers. Xingming Lake Resort is the best place that ride you out from the routine life within a bustling city and at the same time, the best destination to keep you recharged.

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