Yingxian Wooden Pagoda

Yingxian Wooden Pagoda

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Yingxian Wooden Pagoda as one of the five ancient architectures in Shanxi Province is a pagoda which made solely by wooden materials. The wooden pagoda which delicately located about 70 kilometers from Datong within Fagong Temple is also named as Shijia Pagoda (Sakyamuni Pagoda). Moreover, it was said that no nail or rivet was used throughout the construction of the wooden pagoda except the 4-meter high stone ground. Only wooden materials were used and the joints were connected by 50 kinds of base-mat. Each floor was supported by wooden pillars from inside and outside, about 60 kinds of inclined beams; wooden stumps and short pillars were used between the wooden pillars. Thus, a wooden structure of repeated beam was formed.
The pagoda was built about one thousand years ago but the original pagoda was destroyed in war throughout the years. The pagoda was designed in an octagonal shape at 67.3 meters high. If you estimate the total of floors from its exterior look, you will definitely answer 5 floors. However, this is not the correct answer as there are internal levels on each floor. So, the five exterior floors added with four interior floors, the wooden pagoda has a total of nine floors all together.
The image of Sakyamuni which was placed at the center part of first floor looks very grand, solemn and somewhat mysterious as well. Besides that, there are 6 portraits of Buddha in the wall with proper proportion and bright color. One of the frescos named “Feitian” which located beside the Buddha head look active and plentiful, glowing with health and radiating vigor, it is a masterpiece among fresco. Moreover, a sitting four-faces Buddha can be found on the third floor while a sit image of Sakyamuni is placed in the middle of fifth floor with 8 Bodhisattva sitting around it.
According to the record of relative historical documents, it is possible for people to observe views about 60 kilometers away if standing on the top floor of the pagoda. Therefore, the top of the pagoda can be used not only for enjoying scenic beauty, but also be used as surveying stand for observing and commanding struggle in ancient times.
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