Yinhudong Scenic Area

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Yinhudong Scenic Area (Silver Fox Cave Scenic Area), the largest scale of both water and dry formation of limestone caves throughout northern China. A crystallization of Calcium Carbonate which looks like a silver fox was found here and thus it was name after as Silver Fox Cave.

Researches have been conducted and the reports show that the overall length of Silver Fox Cave has reached over 10 kilometers. However, up until now, only five meters of the overall length is opened to public. The inner space of the cave is very large with capacity of about 200,000 cubic meters. Main cave, side caves, horizontal cave, vertical caves, water caves, dry caves and many kinds and different sizes of caves have made up the whole scenic area. In other word, it is best described as an underground maze created by the God. According to the flow of caves, it is divided into ten major scenic divisions with over 100 attractions. Normally, a larger space which named as cross point lobby can be found at almost every cross point of separated caves. The larges cross point lobby here is 50 meters length, 30 meters width and 70 meters height.

Moreover, the only underground water system which opens to public is also located at 106 meters underground of Silver Fox Cave. With the total length of over one kilometer, this is the first underground river which was discovered at the northern China. Tourists can experience the amazing creation of this underground water system on boats. Throughout the journey, you may find that the river is wide but the next second, it would be very narrow; sometimes you could hardly see the top of the cave but sometimes you need to bow 90 degrees in the boat in order not to hit the rock on top. It is really a wonderful trip!

Well known as one of the Karst wonders of the world, besides common found stalactite, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone flags and stone shields, there are also large amount of stone chrysanthemum, stone pearl, crystal clear calcite and etc. After all, the most significant wonders would be the needle like and filamentous “Silver Fox” which is rarely found in the world. Besides giving the name of this scenic area, it is also awarded as the top karst wonders of the world as well as one of the National Treasures in China.

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