Yunju Temple

Address: Dashiwo Zhen, Fangshan Dis.
Tel: +86-10-61389641
Entrance Fee: 40 RMB

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Yunju Temple is situated in Fangshan District, about 70 kilometers from Beijing. Yunju Temple was first built in the 7th century, and was expanded and rebuilt during successive dynasties. The temple was gutted by war in the early 20th century and was not rebuilt until the 1980s. The current temple is far smaller than the original.

One of the first Buddhist stone inscriptions of the sutras exist at this temple, with 1122 sections with 3572 volumes and 14278 pieces in all were finished by 1655. They were started under the Sui Dynasty (581-618) by the Buddhist monk Jingwan during a time of conflict between Taoists and Buddhists and were created as a more permanent record of the sutras that could not be burned. The temple has a large collection of paper Buddhist sutras, running to 22,000 volumes. They are printed and handwritten books dating form the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

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