Zhenzhu Lake Scenic Area

Address: Zhuwo Reservoir Mentougou Dis.
Tel: +86-10-61838013
Entrance Fee: 20 RMB

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Zhenzhu Lake Scenic Area (Pearl Lake Scenic Area) is one of the most famous scenic areas at Mentougou District Beijing. It was previously known as Zhuwo Reservoir as well as Fifty Five Kilometers. Besides that, the lake is also well known for the high quality of mussels and thus, it is named as Zhenzhu Lake or Pearl Lake. The whole lake is in a rectangular shape at about 9.5 kilometers length with 4.2 square kilometers of water surface. When you take an aerial view of the whole scenic area, you will find out that it looks like a string of pearls.

When there is no wind blows, the surface of the lake will turn to be a clear mirror which reflect the clouds, mountains and well as the trees above. If you are here, you must not miss the opportunity to row a boat here as well as taking part in fishing activity. Moreover, the first flyover bridge for railway throughout Asia is placed across this lake as well. Therefore this beautiful manmade architecture has become other interesting point of visiting Zhenzhu Lake. If you go slightly further along the stream, you will come to a naturally formed Xinghua Village (Apricot blossom). Over hundreds of apricot trees are grew here naturally and especially in the spring, the blossoms of the flowers will provide a unique view of the village.

It natural topography as well as the beauty of nature has gained itself the name of Small Three Gorges and Small Lijiang. In fact, the surrounding nature of Zhenzhu Lake Scenic Area has combined characteristics of many interesting tourist spots including the majestic mountain like Taishan, the steep cliff of Huashan as well as the serenity of Yandang Gorge. Moreover, there are many interesting attractions around this area as well, such as the ancient cave temple, ruins of ancient great wall, Goddess Cave as well as castles of Japanese armies. Well, the beauty of nature, the majestic cultural heritage and the true life of a local is everything that you might experience here. Zhenzhu Lake Scenic Area can give you more than what you expect.

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