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Covering 16,800 square kilometer area, Beijing is cosmopolitan city where has the most government offices, colleges, tourist attractions, history and cultures, population, and amazing nightlife in China. Taking Beijing tours is always easy and exciting. Public transportation is so convenient and English is everywhere to be a good Beijing tour guides. What’s more important, there are so much things to see in Beijing that travelers always find it hard to make a better plan for their tight schedule so as to see more. Apart from the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, these Top 10 Beijing attractions, travelers have a lot of other scenic spots and things to do in Beijing. No matter you are taking Beijing tour packages with tour company, or traveling on your own, to learn some travel tips is always very necessary. In Beijing Guide channel, we show you the details of Beijing and most useful travel information, travel tips and Beijing everything.

Beijing Overview

Beijing is an ancient Beijing overviewcity with over 3,000 years of development history which includes 850 years of being the capital of China throughout dynasties. As a result, Beijing is enriched with wonderful and uncountable world cultural heritages. It is believed that Beijing is the destination with the most world’s cultural heritages in the world. Besides being one of the four major ancient cities in China, Beijing also famous as a historical and cultural city in the world. The wonderful Chinese traditional culture since Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), Ming Dynasty(1368-1644) until Qing Dynasty(1644-1911) has all been embedded in this ancient city of Beijing. Thus, you can easily find historical sites and cultural buildings everywhere in Beijing. There is not much city in the world which has been serving as a capital of a nation for such a long period as Beijing does. Together with the dramatically development of economy in Beijing, Beijing is now well decorated with its original ancient elements as well as stylish modernity and is ever ready to welcome over 1.47 billion tourists from all over the world. More

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Beijing city travel map

Beijing city travel map

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Beijing Subway Map

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Beijing suburbs sites map

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Top Beijing Parks

Top Beijing parks -Beijing city parks guide

There are handreds of parks in Beijing. Many of them are huge and boast its own special features. The parks of Beijing provide locals and tourists nice spots to relax, enjoy the beautiful nature views and take outdoor leisure and enjoy the stay of Beijing. This article is a guide for tourists to learn the top parks in Beijing, the parks list, details and travel tips.

China train travel Guide

China Train Travel Guide

To take a train in China for a city is easy. China has the most advanced train system in the world, but it also has the most people taking trains. Before you deceide to take train travel in China, you should better have some knowledge about China trains, how to get on train, where to buy train tickets, how to get to train station etc.

Useful travel tips

Useful Beijing Great Wall travel guide and tips

There are 8 great wall sections open to public in Beijing, among them Badaling,Juyongguan, Mutianyu, Jinshanling and Simatai are most popular ones. These sections are all located in outskirt area of Beijing, and can’t be easily reached by public transportation.

Beijing Guide

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