Beijing Architecture

Forbidden city-20111210Urban Beijing is predominated by major three main types of building architecture. First of all is the traditional architecture of imperial Beijing. This kind of architecture can be best exemplified by trademarks of Beijing, such as the Tiananmen Square,Forbidden City,Lama Temple as well as any Siheyuan and hutongs in Beijing. The Forbidden City which is the largest and well-preserved ancient palace in the world was designed with unique Chinese-style building architecture. Almost all buildings in the Forbidden City were wooden made with yellow glazed tile roof top. Siheyuan in Beijing is normally surrounded by high walls. The walls were built as a protection to the buildings inside the courtyard.

Grand theater20111210National Centre of Performing Arts/National TheatreThe second type of building architecture is sometime known as Sino-Soviet style for buildings which were built within year 1950 to 1970. This kind of architecture has showed us a blend of Chinese architecture and modernity. It is also an evidence of rapid development which occurred in Beijing. Beijing in this 21st century, especially before Beijing Olympic 2008 took place here; Beijing had witnessed tremendous growth of new buildings constructions by international designers. The National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), National Aquatics Center (Water Cube), National Centre of Performing Arts as well as CCTV Tower are all the proof of development progress in Beijing.