Beijing Overview


Beijing Overview

Beijing city, as the capital of People’s Republic of China is one of the four federal territories (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing) in China. Besides that, Beijing is also served as the political, cultural as well as international communication center. As the second largest city throughout China, Beijing is the central hub for transportation internationally as well as domestic transportation for both by land and by air. The success of being the host for 29th Olympic Games 2008 (August 8th, 2008 to August 24th, 2008) and Paralympics 2008 (September 6th, 2008 to September 17th, 2008) is not only enabled Beijing to become one of the most favorite tourist destination for people from around the world, but also attracted the eyes of the world.



Beijing History

20098161371395Beijing is an ancient city with over 3,000 years of development history which includes 850 years of being the capital of China throughout dynasties. As a result, Beijing is enriched with wonderful and uncountable world cultural heritages. It is believed that Beijing is the destination with the most world’s cultural heritages in the world. Besides being one of the four major ancient cities in China, Beijing also famous as a historical and cultural city in the world. The wonderful Chinese traditional culture since Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), Ming Dynasty(1368-1644) until Qing Dynasty(1644-1911) has all been embedded in this ancient city of Beijing. Thus, you can easily find historical sites and cultural buildings everywhere in Beijing. There is not much city in the world which has been serving as a capital of a nation for such a long period as Beijing does. Together with the dramatically development of economy in Beijing, Beijing is now well decorated with its original ancient elements as well as stylish modernity and is ever ready to welcome over 1.47 billion tourists from all over the world.



Beijing Geography & Beijing Weather

200981614033328Beijing city is located at the northwestern part of North China Plain and surrounded by mountains on the west, north and northeastern part of the city which can be considered as a very good topography especially from military point of view. Perhaps, this is the main reason why Beijing can serve as the capital of the nation throughout the years. Together with the development and growth of Beijing, nowadays, the area of Beijing city has reached over 16.8 thousands square kilometers which includes 1.3 thousands square kilometers of construction areas. Mountainous areas has covered about 62% of the total area of Beijing which is about 10.4 thousands square kilometers whereas the rest 38% of the area is plain area. Beijing weather can be categorized as a monsoon-influenced humid continental climate with very distinct four seasons. An extremely hot and humid summer as well as a very cold and dry winter is very common in Beijing. On the other hand, spring and autumn is relatively short when compared to the winter and summer. Over 80% of the rain falls occurs within the duration of June, July and August.



Beijing Attractions
200981614156872Beijing is a famous city with over 3,000 years of historical and cultural development. It had served as the capital for five dynasties throughout the history. Since the Liao Dynasty (916-1125), numerous magnificent palace and constructions had been built in Beijing. All of these constructions have therefore enabled Beijing to be become the city with the most numbers of imperial palaces, royal gardens, religious temples as well as royal tombs. As a result, Beijing is enriched with plenty of tourism resources which make Beijing to be a unique and incomparable destination.

There are more than 200 historical and cultural sites in Beijing that open to public. Within all these sites, the most 20098161436121famous destination is the Forbidden City which had served as the imperial palace for Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) and Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911). It had been the house for 24 emperors throughout the years. The traditional Chinese architecture as well as the magnificent oriental designs of building constructions has guaranteed it status as the precious cultural heritage in China besides being the largest palace throughout the world.

Temple of Heaven which famous for its unique structure was used to be200981614416857 the destination for the occasions of worshipping Heaven as well as God of Agriculture in Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) and Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1912). The Summer Palace is one of the must visit tourist spots in Beijing. It is built as a typical design of royal garden with a very high value of arts. Hutong is one of most interesting culture heritage which you could hardly find at other places except Beijing. The word Hutong originated from a Mongolian word which means small road. Together with the civilization of Beijing city, the number of hutong in Beijing is also facing a significant growth. According to the records, the total of hutong in Beijing could be over 7,000 with each hutong has its very own folk tales especially regarding how it was named. Sanmiaojie with over 900 years of history can be considered as the oldest hutong in Beijing. The longest hutong is Dongxijiaominxiang with the length of 6.5 kilometers while the shortest hutong is just about few meters length. South Luoguxiang which located at Dongcheng District has been developed into one of the eight unique business streets in Beijing.



Beijing Transportation

As a modern international metropolis, the transportation in Beijing is well developed in order to welcome people from all around the world. The major road system in Beijing is basically made up of ring roads which were built in shape of rectangular rather than shape of ring. Although the first ring road in Beijing is not clearly specified, the following ring roads starting from 2nd ring road, 3rd ring road, 4th ring road, 5th ring road and 6th ring road are constructed with the Forbidden City as the geographical centre. All these ring roads has made up the major transportation network in Beijing while the other roads are basically designed and constructed in one of the compass directions which therefore outcome with a perfect transportation network in Beijing.

Beijing Capital International Airport that located at Shunyi District but under administration of Chaoyang District is the largest airport in China and also the second largest airport throughout region of Asia. The airport is situated about 20 kilometers from Beijing city center. Almost all arrival and departure for both domestics and international flights is occurred at this airport. In order to ensure the easy reach of Beijing Capital International Airport from the Beijing city centre, the airport is therefore being connected with Airport Express Way. If there is no traffic congestion, airport can be reached within 40 minutes from city center. Moreover, an Airport Express Rail was introduced prior to the opening of Beijing Olympic Games 2008 which enables Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport to be reached from Dongzhimen within 17 minutes only.



Beijing Culture

20098161475105Beijing is a city enriched with colorful and cultural elements ever since before. Besides dozens of attractive historical sites and shopping arcades, there are also a lot of world wide arts performances and international exhibitions to be taken place in Beijing annually. National Center of Performing Arts, Changan Theater, Huguang Huiguan and Meilanfang Theater are some famous destination where international performances are normally conducted. Meilanfang Theater is a famous theater which specialized for performances of Peking Opera and generally named as the China National Peking Opera Company. No matter you are interested in Peking Opera, International Ballet Performance, Musical Concert as well as classical drama, you will definitely find one or more performances which suits you the best and keep you entertained throughout the period of performance.

Beijing Nightlife
The rapid development of economy in Beijing has therefore stimulated the growth of living requirements as well as the demand for wonderful lifestyle. Beijing which was a city without nightlife in previous years has now been developed into a city which enriched with well decorated night bars and night clubs. Finally, famous bar streets are formed as a result of the development. Houhai bar street, Sanlitun bar street and South Luoguxiang bar street are among the bar street which is famous among the foreigners. The unique designs, the atmosphere of surrounding as well as the way of relaxation will definitely ensure each and every visitor an unforgettable night in Beijing.



Beijing Nowadays

Due to the dramatically development of business and economy in Beijing, more and more shopping arcades and business centers are setting up in Beijing. As a result, lots of foreign companies have opened offices as well as branches in Beijing as the first step to open up the China market. The famous business centers include Wangfujing, Xidan, Qianmen, Financial Street, embassy areas and the Central Business Center (CBD). Besides that, there are also places which are famous for specific products such as Zhongguancun for technology and digital products, Panjiayuan for antiques and cultural items as well as Beijing Zoo business area for fashion and attires.
On top of that, Beijing is also served as the largest sciences and technology research center throughout the nation. Chinese Academy of Sciences, other related sciences research center and the Zhongguancun Science Park (Z Park) which is graded as the Silicon Valley in China have contributed for one third of the awards of sciences nationwide. Moreover, as the capital of China, Beijing is popular as the pioneer of the educational development throughout China. According to the statistics in 2007, there are 83 higher institutions established in Beijing which includes that top three universities in China, Peking University, Tsinghua University and Renmin University of China. In order to fulfill the educational needs of foreigners children in Beijing, many private international schools as well as international schools that organized by foreign embassies are setting up in Beijing.

Beijing As A Whole
In a conclusion, Beijing possesses a perfect match between ancient historical elements and modernity which guarantee each visitor a different experience when compared with other destination. Please discover more about Beijing and grab the golden opportunity to witness the glory of this ancient but stylish Beijing city.