Beijing Tourism

Beijing Tourism

Tourism in Beijing is stimulated by numerous policies set by the China’s government which encourage the growth of tourism industry as well as the reformation of People’s Republic of China has resulted in a rapid development in this industry. Beijing tourism has grown from a small number of servicing units into one of the most important sectors of the economy in China. The success of the organization of Beijing Olympic Games 2008 has again become the most powerful evidence for this ancient city which has encountered development for thousands of years as well as enriched with deep and magnificent cultural elements to be the shinning stars that attract the eyes of the world. At the same time, open up a new era for the tourism industry in Beijing.

The statistics shows that the potential of Beijing tourism products are still showing a dramatically increment throughout the years. Between the duration of 2001 and 2007, the cumulative amount of foreign tourists had keep on increasing and finally reached about 4.36 million person which is an increase of almost 52% when compared to year 2001. The cumulative growth of foreign exchange profit for Beijing tourism has reached over 45.8 billions US Dollar which is about 55.3% of increment. On the other hand, the amount of inbound tourists has consisted of 1.43 billion people which are a cumulative growth for about 30%. The revenue for domestic tourism has encountered a cumulative growth for about 98% which reaches 17.5 billion RMB whereas the overall income from the sector of tourism has increased for 86% up to 21 Billion RMB.

Nowadays, the sector of tourism industry has made up of 7% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Beijing. This means that this industry has become one of the most important profit making sectors which can improve the development of economy in Beijing. There are over 800 star-rating hotels throughout Beijing, which is the highest among the nation. In order to further enlarge the scale of entire tourism industry at the same time increase the quality of rapid development, the Beijing government has officially announced “the proposal for the ways to improve and stimulate the development of Beijing tourism industry” in year 2008. According to proposal, by 2012, the overall foreign tourist in Beijing will reach 6,100 thousand people annually which is an increment of at least 7% from previous year. The average spending of people is expected to increase by 3% while the cumulative growth of foreign exchange profit for Beijing tourism will increase 10% reaching 75 billion US Dollar. At the same time, domestic tourists who also play a very important role in Beijing tourism industry will reach 1.83 billion people, which is an increment of 5% with average potential spending ability with 10% increment. In a total, the revenue for domestic tourism will reach at least 35 billion RMB and the total income of Beijing tourism will breakthrough the amount of 40 billion RMB. The authority is strived to make Beijing city the top destination for business and conference throughout Asia region and at the same time ensure Beijing city to become one of the most attractive tourism city nationwide.

Together with the growth and improvement of tourism products as well as the increment of living quality and spending power of residents in Beijing, the structure of tourism products are also encountering a dramatically change. The products of Beijing excursions has changed from the traditional and cultural sightseeing tours into modernized city excursion, recreational and vacation tour, convention as well as business exhibition group which includes high-ended products for Beijing tourism. For this purpose, the products of Beijing excursions are encourage to integrate traveling with culture, technology as well as sports. As a result of being the house for 29th Olympic Games 2008, the Olympic products have now become one of the most favorite tourism products in Beijing for both domestic and foreign tourists. The 7-day golden week during October 2008 is more than enough to be the best evidence of this issue. Within that one week, over 2,820 thousands visitors throughout the world have visited the Olympic Park consists of the two main latest Beijing attractions which are the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest and National Aquatics Center (Water Cube).The average daily visitor which is up to 520 thousands people has therefore broken the record of total daily visitors to anyone of Beijing attractions. Besides that, business travel as well as conferences and exhibitions based traveling is slowly getting its position in the market of Beijing tourism. The revenue from business travel and conference travel has covered 40% from the total income of foreign exchange in Beijing. On the other hand, 30% from the income of domestic tourism is contributed by these kinds of tourists.

Since 2006 onwards, Beijing city has spent about 15 Billions RMB on the development of several tourism related products which was planned and designed by the authority of Beijing reformation. The general infrastructure as well as the barrier free facilities has been constructed at over 60 famous Beijing attractions. Moreover, efforts and hard works are spent to increase the efficiency and productivity of Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Chongwen District and Xuanwu District which have been outlined for cultural based tourism areas. Besides that, efforts have been poured in order to stimulate the development of Chaoyang District and Shunyi District which focuses on business and conference based tourism. Moreover, molding Haidian District, Fengtai District, Shijingshan District and Tongzhou areas into a modern entertainment and recreational center is also a part of its responsibility. Although development in the current available Beijing attractions which are mostly located approximately close to the city centre is the foremost important responsibility of the authority, the development of adjacent areas is also as important as its major task.

Although there are plenty of cultural based Beijing attractions to offer, it is still insufficient to fulfill the requirements of nature lovers. Thus, the continuous development of Mentougou District, Fangshan District, Daxing District, Changping District, Pinggu District, Huairou District, Miyun District and Yanqing District as the major ecological Beijing vacation destinations is a must. Under the centralization govern of this authority, the overall Beijing tourism sector has been well developed throughout the years. From now onwards, Beijing will keep on proving its potential as a major tourism center throughout China. By fully utilized the back wave of Beijing Olympic 2008 and the increase of the core competition criteria of travel industry, there is no doubt the Beijing tourism will keep on going in a lightning speed.

The Beijing government will push and provide necessary support to the travel industry in order to outcome with a potential developed travel industry which is well integrated with proper investments and consumptions ability. It is believed that the effort put by the Beijing travel agencies is able to stimulate the tourism market and therefore visualized a better structure of spending which is important to ensure the rapid economy growth for Beijing tourism.

In early 2005, the central government of China had confirmed the position of Beijing as the political center, cultural center, famous ancient city as well as a glittering metropolis. At the same time, the government has targeted to make Beijing into a well known National Capital, an international city, a strong cultural based city and also a residential city. All of these have therefore guaranteed a rapid development to be taken place in Beijing.