Beijing Travel Agency

Beijing Travel Agency

Currently there are about 700 travel agencies in Beijing engaging in different tourism services. When facing with so many options, no one can be 100% sure about whether he had made a choice. Though there always exists some bad examples, the overall evaluation of tourists for travel agencies of Beijing and China is still very high.

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When traveled to Beijing China, some knowledge on Beijing and travel agencies becomes very necessary.

Knowledge and regulations on Travel Agencies of China

Travel agency types

Before new regulations were formed, there were mainly 3 kinds of travel agencies in China: Travel service for domestic travel, travel service for Chinese inbound travel and travel service for Chinese outbound travel. Travel agencies who had registered as certain kind should not operate other kinds of travel services.

Now according to the New Regulations on the Administration of Tourism Agencies made by China National Tourism Administration, there is only one kind of travel agency, any of these travel agencies can operate Chinese inbound travel or domestic travel, and outbound travel too if the company haven’t received punishment of government for continuous two years time.

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Travel agencies are directly administrated by local tourism bureaus while these bureaus are attributed to China National Tourism Administration (CNTA). CNTA is the tourism policies and regulations maker and statistics distributor. Regulations on Administration of Tourism Agencies are formulated by CNTA.

Local government, local tourism supervisory authorities and local consumer associations perform supervisory duties.

Travel Agencies should pay the deposit of RMB200,000 for domestic and inbound tourism services and RMB1.4 million for domestic, inbound and outbound all three tourism services to local tourism bureaus. There are a series of regulations on the administration of travel agencies. Those who violated these regulations would be punished with fining, warning, business suspension, cancellation of the license or criminal penalties.

Top 4 travel agencies in China

Top four travel agencies in China are China International Travel Service (CITS), China Travel Service (CTS), China Youth Travel Service (CYTS) and China Comfort Travel Service (CCT).

Top 10 travel agencies for Chinese domestic travel

China International Travel Service


Tel: 86-10-51206950

China Travel Service


Tel: 4008116666

Beijing Youth Travel Service


Tel: 86-10-87789401

BTG Travel


Tel: 86-10-96096798

China Travel International Ltd.


Tel: 86-10-51379823

China Comfort Travel Service


Tel: 86-10-65877676

Beijing UTour International Travel Service


Tel: 86-10-59039360

Caissa Touristic


Tel: 86-10-64608571

Huayuan International Travel


Tel: 86-10-59138088

China Peace International Tourism


Tel: 86-10-64484500

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Beijing Impression Travel Agency


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Tel: 86-10-51660915

Tourism Administrations contact ways

China National Tourism Administration

Address: 9A Jianguomennei Ave., Beijing    100740


Tel: 86-10-65201114

Beijing Tourism Administration2009811324670

Address: No.28 Jian Guo Men Wai St. Beijing   100022


Tel: 86-10-59321109


Complaints for the travel agencies

There is now a special hot line for handling tourists’complaints to travel agencies. The phone number is 12301 (area code number should be added at the front for other provinces).

Those Beijing travelers can just dial 12301 extension 2 for complaints to travel agencies. Or you can go to the Complaints Center in Beijing Tourism Administration directly. When you make the complaints, you should remember to keep well of the travel contract and other favored evidences. If there is an emergency, please call 110 for police help.

Complaints Center:

Address: Room 1001, Beijing Tourism Building, No.28 Jian Guo Men Wai St. Beijing   100022

Tel: 12301 extension 2