Beijing Sports

Sports and Recreation

Besides cultural attractions and historical sites in Beijing, there are also many interesting sports and recreational activities that you can take part during your Beijing vacation. No matter you are travelling with kids or you prefer to discover more about the nature beauty of Beijing, Beijing has lots to offer.

Children Activities
It is completely a false if you think that Beijing which is rich of cultural and historical attractions is not suitable to be a destination for trip with children. There are many attractions in Beijing which can guarantee happy hours to both you and your child.

1. Beijing Aquarium
200962404634569Beijing Aquarium, the largest inland aquarium in the world is a great place to visit for families with kids. The main draw of this aquarium is a three million-Littre tank which contains marine species from almost every ocean in the world. The dolphin show as well as the performance of sea lions is the most popular shows in this aquarium.

2. Beijing Amusement Park
200962404743248There are some destinations in Beijing which are most suitable for youngster as well as children where can guarantee them happy for hours. Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park and Happy Valley are two best recommended destinations for this purpose. No matter you prefer more on the theme of dairy tales or the excitement of X-Games attracted you more, you will definitely able to find a theme which suits you the most here.

Outdoor Activities
There are plenty of outdoor activities throughout Beijing city. You might probably find that most of the interesting outdoor activities will bring you outside the urban areas. If you are interested in participating in gentle forms of exercise, there are a numbers of great parks which is worth for a visit and have a gentle stroll. Cycling on the other hand could offer a range of paces to suit those who see a leisurely afternoon spot of fun to serious fans of the sports who can cycle through the entire city.

1. Cycling
200962404818237There are still many Chinese people who prefer to take on bicycle as their mean of transportation. So, if you would like to enjoy the great outdoor in Beijing, please consider on hiring a bike and go around Beijing by this environmental friendly way. Bicycle on the road is not a problem here as there are bicycle only restricted routes here to ensure your road safety.
2. Martial Arts
200962404846855Chinese martial arts as a part of Chinese traditional cultures are very popular and widely practice among Chinese people. There are many different styles and techniques involved in Chinese martial arts. Physical fitness is one of the important parts of Chinese culture. Thus, Taiji, as one category of Chinese martial arts, is widely practiced by people of all ages especially in early morning. It involves a series of slow, relaxed movements with the mind concentrated and the body following through. Visitors who are interested to learn or to join them are always welcome.

3. Ice-skating
200962404916700The severe weather during winter months in Beijing has therefore outcome a benefit to travel industry here. There are many places for you to spend your time if you are enjoying ice-skating. Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace, Beihai Park and Houhai Bar Street are some well known destination for ice-skating to be recommended.
4. Kite-flying
Kite-flying is a traditional activity among Chinese. Whenever you feel breeze 200962404941859blowing, you will be able to find kites flying in the sky. Chinese kites are normally colorful and well-decorated with innovative designs. They are available in a variety of shapes, from as simple as a square to 20 ft centipedes or dragon. The unique designs of kites are not the only criteria within the competition among the kite-flyer, but also how long they can keep them aloft. Normally there are kites for sale especially at the place where kite-flyer are most probably to fly their kites. If none of the kites suit your requirements, then it is possible for you to purchase the materials and make your own kite too.

5. Hiking
20096240506559Hiking and trekking at national park or countryside of Beijing such as Xiangshan (Fragrance Hill), Beijing Badachu Park, as well as Hongluo Temple is a great experience to get closer to the nature and get you exercised while enjoying your Beijing vacation. All of these hiking and trekking sites are famous recreational destination among locals in Beijing. Besides having the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking scenery on top of the hill, you may also visit the temples or old building which was situated on the hills. Hiking trails are well-organized but you can also get a park’s map in hand for your own cautious.

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