Chinese Arts

China is a country full of history and culture. Arts highlighted all: Chinese calligraphy, painting, paper cut, folk toys, literature works, Beijing opera, architecture and sculpture etc, those splendid artistic achievements were absolutely the reflection of Chinese profound history and culture. Chinese arts then become the first choice for international traveler going shopping in Beijing. The following listed some recommended Chinese art shopping destinations in Beijing.

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Chinese Arts

  • Qianmen Avenue
    Qianmen Avenue (or Dashila), considered as the home to most of the Beijing’s time honored brands, is a must go place when you are traveling in Beijing if you are interested in Chinese folk culture or want to bring some traditional Chinese souvenirs and snacks back home.
  • Liuli Gongfang
    Established in 1987, Liuli Gongfang is Taiwan’s only contemporary glass studio devoted to artistic Chinese glassware. The studio is famous for its outstanding artistic endeavors and high standard of craftsmanship.
  • White Peacock Art World
    White Peacock Art World is one of the biggest extensive arts and crafts markets in Beijing and China with 49 categories and more than 10000 kinds of Chinese traditional arts and souvenirs made by famous artists.
  • Wangfujing Gongmei Building
    Wangfujing Gongmei Building is a famous huge market for Chinese arts, handicrafts, carpets, jade and jewelry etc. It is well located in Wangfujing business receiving numerous worldwide visitors every day.
  • Jingcheng Baigong fang
    Jingcheng Baigongfang gathered the most top masters of Chinese arts and craftsmanship in China. The market sells Cloisonne, traditional Chinese traditional handcrafts, Jade carving and Stone carving etc.
  • Carpenter Tan Wangfujing Branch
    Carpenter Tan is most famous for the traditional handicraft and wooden products such as combs, mirrors, the accessories and gifts which are all in Chinese style while combs is considered to be the best.
  • Rongbaozhai
    Rongbaozhai is located at west of Liulichang street Beijing. The studio mainly deals in paintings, calligraphic works, carvings and seals by famous figures, especially the block prints found on watercolors.