Cloisonne (Jingtai Lan in Chinese) is a traditional workmanship which has a history of hundreds of years. It is a splendid handiwork making copper and porcelain elegantly integrated together, and is viewed as the essence of Oriental art. Cloisonné making has reached a very mature level since the period of Jingtai in Ming Dynasty (1450-1456). Because blue (blue was spelled Lan in Chinese) was mostly used during that time, so this craftsmanship was later on called Jingtai Lan (Jingtai for its period and Lan for its color). Walking into a tourist market or Chinese art shops, you might easily notice cloisonné and pottery displayed inside which were always looking so gorgeous and florid. The followings are some nice options for cloisonné and pottery shopping in Beijing.

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  • Beijing Enamel Factory
    Founded in 1956, Beijing Enamel Factory is the biggest and most professional factory in making cloisonne ware all over the country of China. It is the assigned tourist handicraft making enterprise which is named by the National Tourist Bureau.
  • Minlong Pottery Market
    Minlong Pottery Market has an area of over 300 000 square meters. Over 200 pottery factories sell directly there so the prices are relatively low. There are usually exhibition at front and the warehouse at back. Wholesale and retail are both welcomed.