People living in Beijing have great passion for books which is why most Beijing book stores are always packed with people. There are 3 huge books buildings in Beijing: Xidan books building, Wangfujing bookstore and Zhongguancun books building. These three state owned bookstores has the largest selections of books in Beijing: politics, arts, education, managements, travel, foreign languages learning, Chinese learning and imported books from different countries etc. For foreigners to look for a novel or travel guide book written in their languages, it still wouldn’t be too difficult. Besides, it is easy to find the book stores specialized in certain subjects such as Chinese art, Chinese language learning, architecture, or old Chinese books, second-hand books and imported books etc as well.

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  • Xidan Books Building
    As the largest book store in Beijing, Xidan Books Building receives the most customers every day. Large selections of Chinese and foreign books, Children’s books, Chinese learning text books, electronics, Chinese arts and travel guides books of different languages are available in this huge books b
  • San Lian Bookstore
    San Lian Bookstore is a famous Beijing local bookstore which boasted great fame and significance in tens of years ago established by famous historic figures of China. The books sold in San Lian Bookstore are mainly Chinese social science, humanities works and other literature classics.
  • Wangfujing Book Store
    Wangfujing Book Store is one of the largest book stores in Beijing. The bookstore sells all kinds of Chinese-edition books for any subjects. Travel books, books of foreign languages and DVDs are also available in the bookstore.
  • Beijing Foreign Languages Bookstore
    Beijing Foreign Languages Book Store is the biggest foreign-language bookstore in Wangfujing shopping street Beijing.If you want to buy foreign languages books in Beijing, this is the right place to go.
  • Zhongguancun Books Building
    Located in the Silicon Valley and university area of Beijing, Zhongguancun Book Center is one of the most popular bookstores for Chinese and foreign-language books retailing.
  • China Bookstore
    Located in Liulichang, the famous antique street Beijing, China Bookstore sells traditional Chinese literature works, old books on Chinese painting, calligraphy and photography etc.