There are lots of choices for buying electronics in Beijing. Most locals would take Zhongguancun (Silicon Valley Beijing) as the first choice because of its wide selections and much lower price of electronic products. But as to foreign traveler, to buy electronics from these markets in Zhong Guan Cun can’t be easy because of the language barriers and the business tricks they will encounter. Large electronics supermarkets and shopping malls which also sell electronics can be a nice choice for Beijing travelers. Though their price would be a bit higher than that of Zhongguancun, they are reliable and insure quality. Guomei and Suning are the two biggest and most popular shopping spots for electronics and electric home appliances.

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  • Zhongguancun
    Zhongguancun Science Park was originated from the “Electronics Street” in Beijing, Backdated to the early 1980s. With the approval by the Chinese government, Zhongguancun Science Park(also know as the Z-Park in brief) was officially established as the first national science park in 1988.
  • Zhongguancun E-Plaza
    Zhongguancun E-Plaza is one of the biggest digital products markets in Zhongguancun area Beijing. All kinds of digital products including PC, MP3, hardware, software, camera etc are available in the plaza.
  • GOME Electrical Appliances
    As one of the two largest electrical appliance retail chain in China, GOME Electrical Appliances has hundreds of stores in different cities and it has become the most influential brand in major Chinese cities.
  • Suning Appliance
    Suning Appliance is one of two largest chain retailers of home appliances in China with 700 chain stores in more than 150 cities in China. Suning is the most famous brand in home appliance industry in China.
  • Hisap Zhongguancun branch
    Hisap is a leading computer retailer in China which has set up 80 retail stores in 30 major cities in China. The Store offers most of world-wide name brands such as Intel, HP, IBM, SONY, Apple, Lenovo etc.