Silk, as the major trade item of Silk Road, has been playing an important role in the connection of the Eastern and Western countires 3,000 years ago. Now as China becomes the world largest producer, silk again highlights world travelers’ China tours. Beijing, the capital of China, is absolutely one of the idealist places for silks and silk products shopping. Silk Market and Yaxiu market are the two most popular shopping spots among international visitors for silk products in Beijing.

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  • Xidan
    Xidan Street is one of the most famous commercial streets in Beijing gathering large number of department stores, food and beverage shops, and entertainment and banking sectors. It has become the hottest shopping destination for locals and worldwide visitors.
  • Buyingzhai
    As a time-honored brand in China, Buyingzhai has been famous for shoes making since the year of 1858, products ranging from cloth shoes, the most famous one, leather shoes, silk slippers and traditional hats.
  • Majuyuan
    First opened in 1811 during Emperor Jiaqing’s reign of the Qing Dynasty, Majuyuan Hat Shop specialized in making hats and shoes for the royal members and officials and later specialized in making various hats of China’s ethnic groups.
  • Qian Xiang Yi
    As a time-honored brand in China, Buyingzhai has been famous for shoes making since the year of 1858, products ranging from cloth shoes, the most famous one, leather shoes, silk slippers and traditional hats.
  • Silk Market
    Situated very closely to CBD, Silk Market has total floorage of 28,000 square meters and 1,500 stalls. Commodities mainly sold in Silk Street are shoes, bags and cases, leather, famous brand, casual wear, fashion clothing, cowboy series, sports leisure attire, knitted dress, kid’s clothing, tie
  • Neiliansheng
    Established in 1853, Neiliansheng is a time-honored brand in shoes’ making in China. Neiliansheng, which literally means who wear the shoes of this shop may get promotion and wealthy in the future, were famed for its high-quality and perfect workmanship of the shoes products.
  • Ruifuxiang
    An old saying goes like this:Wearing Majuyuan hat on the head, Neiliansheng shoes under the feet, and Rui Fu Xiang silk on the body. Topped the 8 time-honored brands
  • Nuren Jie (Ladies Street)
    Nuren Jie (Ladies Street) is the first and largest ladies’ products retailing market in Beijing. Large selection of women clothing, shoes, bags, costumes etc are available and sold in moderate prices in this market.
  • Wudaokou Market
    Wudaokou Clothing Market is a well-known market selling fashionable and cheap clothes, bags, shoes etc. Wudaokou Clothing Market is in Wudaokou and Beijing university area pretty close to Zhongguancun electronic markets.
  • Ritan Office Building
    Ritan Office Building is a market near Beijing CBD area, smaller and quieter than Silk market, selling high-quality clothing, footwear, and accessories etc.
  • Zoo Market
    Zoo Market is the most popular and cheapest clothing market in Beijing. This market also sells shoes, bags, hair accessories, sporting equipment etc.
  • Tianya Plaza
    Tianya Plaza is a modern foreign business and trade-oriented plaza boasting the highest reputation in Yabaolu and CBD area Beijing. The market had become an influential commodity trade distribution center that radiating to Russia, Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa, and other region
  • Silver Street
    In 90’s of last century, the prosperous Dongdan and Dongsi formed special business street of Beijing. In 1992, Chongyong Street starting from south Chongwenmen to north Lama Temple was granted “Silver Street”.
  • Beijing North Star Shopping Center
    As the first large-scale commercial complex erected in the surrounding of the Asian Games Village and still one of the ten largest shopping arcades in Beijing, Beichen Shopping Centre has a gross floor area of over 30,000 square metres and a shopping space of 15,000 square metres.
  • Sanlitun Yaxiu Market
    Yaxiu Market has a lot of similar items like Silk Market, but the price is much lower than that of Silk Market. So your shopping experience here can be a lot of fun.
  • Shengxifu
    Founded in 1911, Shengxifu is most famous for its hats. It has the good fame of “King of Hat Industry” and “Expert of Hat Industry “. The products of Shengxifu have been popular with people of all classes, even government leaders had their hats made here.
  • Yuanlong Silk Store Beijing
    Yuanlong Silk Store Beijing, as a famous silk factory & store and the best place for silk shopping in Beijing, is considered to be the largest silk & embroidery trading market in Asia….