Beijing Tianjin One Day Tour by Intercity Express Train
Code: BCT-08
Destination: Beijing-Tianjin City-Beijing
Duration: 1 day
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Availability: Everyday


Tour Schedule

-You will be picked up in a private vehicle by an English-speaking tour guide from your hotel at approximately 8:00am. You will be taken to the Beijing South Railway Station and take the Intercity Express Train (soft-seat) to Tianjin. The journey takes about 30 minutes and the tour guide will escort you the entire way.
-After arriving in Tianjin, we will take a taxi to visit the Jiefang Bridge (Liberation Bridge)-which has more than 80 years of history standing over the Haihe River. It stands 96.7-meters long, 5.5-meters high and 19.5-meters wide. The bridge deck can open automatically in the middle with the use of a gasoline engine generator. Then we will move on to visit the Century Clock which is set in front of the old Jiefang Bridge, west of Tianjin Railway Station. We will drive to the Zhou Enlai-Deng Yingchao Museum– Named after a former Primer Minister, one of the founders of PRC. Here you will learn about the life of Zhou Enlai and his wife “Deng Yingchao”.
-Then explore Nanshi Food Street which is about 3.5kms away from the Museum, located in the center of Nanshi, an old shopping area.
-A local lunch will be arranged at about 12:30.
-In the afternoon, we will wander the Ancient Culture Street- formerly a place for the assembly and entertainment of boatmen, that was rebuilt into its present state in 1986.
-Following this, we will take a taxi to the railway station to catch the express train (soft-seat), and you will be transferred back to your hotel at about 18:00.
Nanshi Food Street covers 25,000 square meters. Like a palace, the street permeates a rich folk style and breathes an air of solemnity. Delicacies from all over the country are available here, for example, you can taste dishes with flavors of Sichuan, Shandong, Guangdong, Hunan, and Jiangsu. You can also enjoy many kinds of local snacks, in addition to food of Russian, Italian, German, and English decent. Recently the street has become well-known as the biggest food emporium in China, catering for both popular and specialty foods.
Culture Street is located on the western side of the Sanchahe River and is 580 meters long, containing ancient-style archways towering at each end. Along the street, there are nearly one hundred shops selling various kinds of stationery, second-hand books, articles of folk customs, handicrafts of traditional characteristics of Tianjin, and so on. In addition, on this street stands one of the three major temples of Matsu inside which there is a museum of folk customs.
Century Clock stands nearly 40-meters high and weighs 170-tons, and was a sign of the beginning of the Chinese Modern Industry in Tianjin. Between the outer ring and inner ring of the quartz clock face, there are 12 bronze sculptural reliefs symbolizing 12 constellations. The S-style rocker symbolizes the substituting of Yin and Yang.
Intercity Express Ticket Information
Beijing to Tianjin C2017 09:10-09:40 / C2019 09:30-10:00
Tianjin to Beijing C2064 17:05-17:35 / C2066 17:15-17:45
The actual train ticket information may vary from above. If the soft seat is not available we will book the hard seat (no refund available).

Tour Includes:
Air-conditioned private vehicle
Professional English-speaking tour guide
Return-way train tickets
Entrance fees
Local Tianjin lunch
Train station transfers

Tour Excludes:
Personal expenses
Tips to your tour guide and driver
Any hotel accommodation fee
A. Please fill in the form carefully, your personal information here should match what is on your passport for travel purposes.
B. This is a private tour package. No other travelers will join your exclusive group.
C. Only traditional Chinese meals are planned for your lunch, if this is not preferable please let your tour guide know in advance.
D. Booking at least 2 days in advance is kindly required!

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