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It is not hard to find villages which are enriched with very strong smell of Chinese culture all over Beijing city. According to the statistics, over 61% area of the Beijing region is consisted of mountainous area which housed thousands of villages with more than hundreds years of history. Cuandixia, which later more known as Chuandixia as the Chinese character of Cuan is too seldom used; is one of the most significant ancient village in Beijing. Chuandixia is located to the west of Beijing city. There are still about 500 houses and over 70 sets of Siheyuan which were built since Ming and Qing Dynasties can be found in this village. The overall surrounding of this village still remains its original architecture and design. The village was built along the hill side in a two-level horizontal line. Thus, it is well known as the Potala Palace in Beijing. Hancunhe is another famous ancient village in Beijing. Hancunhe is located about 40 km to the south western part of Beijing city. Besides enjoying the breathtaking scenery of country side, visitors can also grab the opportunity to visit the residential area of local people as well as staying with them to experience the life of villagers in this ancient village. If you are interested in discovering more about the ancient villages around Beijing, please join our Beijing Village Tour which is able to visit interesting places while escape from the bustling city.

Beijing village tour

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