Tour Guides of Beijingimpression

A visit to China will be made more enjoyable and meaningful with a tour guide. The in-depth knowledge that our tour guides possess enables them to provide tour narrations that not only educate and inform the visitor, but entertain them as well. Most of our tour guides speak both Chinese and English; some speak German, Spanish etc. They are trained, examined and registered with Chinese Tourist Bureau. Explore for sample itineraries. Do contact us if you need our help.

Ginny Zhao

A trip with Ginny is always quite enjoyable. Travelers tend to like her happy and energetic personality as well as her superior guide abilities. Ginny is a Beijing native and has a vast knowledge of the city and it’s development. She shares not only historical facts, but contributes the view of a local. Her patient and caring nature makes her an excellent and accommodating guide.

Andy Liu

Andy Liu Andy was born and raised in the city of Beijing and shows us what native Beijing people are like: humorous, friendly, helpful and honest. With over six years experience working as an English tour guide, he has been giving his customers beyond satisfactory tours and the experience of a lifetime. Andy is known for delivering a fun and exciting tour that is packed with historical and cultural information, as well as entertainment!

Lisa Fu

Lisa Fu Years of work experience in travel agency gave Lisa a comprehensive knowledge and deep understanding on Beijing and China. Her constant passion and hard work brings her not only the wide recognition and trust from colleagues and customers, but also the great pleasure and confidence to her life. As what she always says: working for customer satisfaction is my biggest satisfaction.

Tina You

Tina You You might doubt at her young age when first seeing her, but her knowledge and professionalism will dismiss every of your doubt when the trip begins. Tina is a special girl, with great interests in tourism and culture. With high English skills, this bright and cheerful girl will make your Beijing trip with much color and fun.

Even Liu

As an experienced tour guide, Even can always tell you some back stories behind the sights. Her traveler guests always feel surprised by her broad knowledge and fluent English speaking skills, and their questions on Beijing and China can always be patiently answered. That is why she is so popular with her traveler guests.

Tony Hu

He is patient, enthusiast and funny. He has very rich knowledge on Chinese history, culture and many interesting stories about Beijing scenic spots. He is passionate to his job and helpful to his customers. That is the impression Tony might leave on you after you complete the trip with him. His motto is: Be the best of whatever you are!

Grace Xie

Grace Xie Several years of working as a tour guide bring Grace with friends from all over the world. As an expert of Beijing, She loves to tell her customers all Beijing stories and her great temper is very welcomed by all her friends around. Beijing trip with her is full of knowledge and fun. That just explains why she can still receive greeting emails from her overseas customers.

Sophia Zhu

Sophia Zhu 10 years living in Beijing makes Sophia deeply love and understand this city. She is happy, easy going and diligent. Years of tour guide experience brings her plenty of pleasure and friends. Her motto is: Make every day life worthy and happy.

Kent Luo

V2.90 Kent is an experienced tour guide with a lot of fun and patience. He treats his customers as friends, and always tries his best to make the trip memorable and fun. His fluent speaking English and profound knowledge on Beijing and China will make your Beijing stay very easy.