Summer Palace Cocktail

Summer Palace is one of the top Beijing attractions that you must visit during your stay in Beijing. Well known as the best preserved imperial garden of Ming and Qing dynasty, Summer Palace is the best destination for you to discover the mystery of ancient wisdom via the appreciation of majestic ancient Chinese architecture.

Summer Palace

Summer Palace in Beijing is designed with a pleasant combination of natural beauty and human made architecture. This ancient imperial garden is covered by wide area of water surface and enables this compound to be a suitable destination for escape summer heat for ancient imperial families. For this reason, Summer Palace has now becoming a popular destination for special event or banquet. Event at Summer Palace can be considered as a sign of social status of the organizer. Imagine a Summer Palace Cocktail or a Summer Palace Party that to be held at a previous imperial garden, besides guarantee your guests to enjoy an utmost pleasure, there is no doubt that your event will become a lifetime memory for each guest of the party.

On top of that, there is another popular food and beverage venue which located right within the Summer Palace, namely Tingliguan. Tingliguan is a time honored restaurant which established during the reign of Emperor Qianlong and at the same time used to be a familiar destination for Empress Dowager Cixi to enjoy Chinese Opera Show. Due to this specialty of the restaurant, it has now becoming hottest Beijing event venue. Tingliguan Cocktail, Tingliguan banquet and Tingliguan dinner are some of the hottest deals at this restaurant. Moreover, reservation must be made in advance or otherwise it is impossible for you to obtain even a single seat at Tingliguan.

Summer palace2

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