Wedding Photo at the Great Wall-Summer Palace and Hutong

The reason why we recommend this event services for our customers is that we always feel very proud to see how excited, happy and romantic the couple is when they are taking this special wedding photos for their marriage.

Partnered with one of the most famous wedding company in Beijing, we have a fabulous team of wedding photographers, wedding planners and wedding event specialists in Beijing who have helped tens of couples doing their wedding photos and wedding receptions. They are specialized in planning both Chinese style wedding events and western style wedding, and they can always offer the best solutions for different couples with different preferences.

The Great Wall, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and Hutongs are the most famous historical attractions in Beijing and China. Making all these most beautiful sceneries as the background of your wedding photo do have a lot of meanings and will leave you a lot of memory. This can also be a special present for your other part and for you no matter you are newly married or married for over 20 years.

Contact our wedding professionals to make your wedding different!

Wedding Photo at the Great Wall, Summer Palace and Hutong
Venue: the most famous historical attractions of Beijing
Event highlights: make those Beijing famous historical attractions as the background of your wedding photo, and spend a most memorable time of your honeymoon.
Event style: romantic, happy and most different wedding photo time
Best for: any couples who want to take a set of most characteristic wedding photos for marriage
Availability: all-year round

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